Daily current affair 25October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Virtual University

Communities living in different part of the globe as well as others interested in learning the language and acquiring knowledge on the history ,art ,literature and culture of the region will get Internet based resources

Hampi monuments

  • Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka, India. It was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime. The name Hampi can also mean “champion”.
  • It is located within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara,
  • Hampi continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple and several other monuments belonging to the old city.
    The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as the Group of Monuments at Hampi

Birds festival

  • Country’s first bird festival will be organised in the chambal ravines

Sanskrit and indological studies

  • in India Russia and neighbouring countries- past, present and future
  • will be assessing the chronology of the Iranian Avastan language and to show its similarity with Vedic Sanskrit

India Sri Lanka special bonds

  • There has always been a special Bond with Sri Lanka
  • the people of Tamilnadu had close family and trade links with the Tamil speaking population of Srilanka
  • there was a flourishing trade and merchants which were both Hindus and Muslims
  • the north and north east of Sri Lanka is the home of the Tamils
  • Sinhala only policy-1956. The act replaced English as the official language of Ceylon with Sinhalese
  • a gross violation of Human Rights as well as International laws-during tamil wars

The way forward should be:-

  1. Housing program
  2. India should offer project to both northen and Eastern provincial governments
  3. Technical help if required in drafting the need of New Constitution
  4. India should use its moral uthority to press for the implementation of the India Srilanka agreement and especially the devaluation of power to the provision governments
  5. India should allow the Sri Lankan Parliament and government to find a way to implement the United Nation human right Commission resolution


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