Daily current affair 5 October 2015

Problems with criminal justice system

National crime record Bureau figures for 2014 states that almost 68 % of the inmates of India’s overflowing prison are under trial and 70 % of those converts are illiterate

in 1987 The Law Commission recognised that the low operation ratio is  leading pendency in courts and had recommended that India should raise the number of judges from an average of 10 judges/million to 50/million.
the 13th finance commission had provided States with 5000 crore rupees for development of judicial infrastructure

Parliamentary reforms

17th all India conference of whips at Visakhapatnam resolved that an independent mechanism should be setup for deciding salaries and allowances of Legislature.
Delhi Legislative Assembly constituted a committee of expert to recommend revision in the salary and allowances for assembly members.

this is the first time in the Indian history that members have given up this constitutional and statutory privilege
*asked in mains 2014

India Germany

  • investment in a smart cities and high speed trains
  • partnering with Germany medium and small enterprises and
  • cooperation in the Clean Energy and defence sector
  • Indo-German intergovernmental consultation
  • reviving talk for a free trade agreement with the European Union
  • bilateral trade between India and Germany is US dollars 20.32 billion

Integrated coastal zone management project

Aimed at improvement of coastal communities and conservation of the coastal ecosystem

National Centre for sustainable coastal management its in Chennai
the national component of the project includes mapping of the country coastline and demarcation of the hazard line

New gas pricing formula 

this formula mandate revision once every 6 months on the basis of the prevailing prices in gas surplus countries such as United States, Mexico, Russia and Canada
the price in India is based on a bench mark price of the previous year and takes effect after time lag of a quarter

Universal immunisation

India has several initiatives such as:-

  • call to action
  • India’s newborn action plan
  • integrated action plan for pneumonia and diarrhoea
  • mission Indradhanush
By 2020 mission Indradhanush aims to immunize at least 90 percent of the children and women who have so far remained unvaccinated or did not receive the full recommended doses.
it focuses on 201 high priority districts and marginalized population groups, where immunization cover is low, exclusion and dropout rate for routine immunization are high, and the risk for disease outbreak including polio is only too real, various vaccine barriers in India are:-
  • gender disparity
  • procurement and delivery challenges
  • too few Frontline health workers and
  • lack of information or misinformation on the benefits of immunization
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