Issues and Problems of Society

Issues and Problems of Society.

Social problem is a condition which is defined by a considerable number of persons as a deviation from some social norms which they cherish.

The major social problems in the early phase of the Indian civilization were increasing rigidity of social hierarchy, continuous conflicts between the Aryans and the Dasas, emphasis on the observance of rituals, sacrifice of animals etc. With the advent of the Muslim rule in India, new social problems like sati, purdah, introduction of caste system among the Muslims, etc. emerged.

In the contemporary phase, India is facing several social problems. We have the problems of terrorism, violence, offences against women, children and minorities, unemployment, poverty, drug addiction, communalism, youth unrest, corruption, migration and displacement, environmental degradation, population explosion, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, etc. These problems are the result of various factors that include economic, political, legal, cultural as well as historical.

Mazor social problems /Issues facing the Indian Society are:-

 Poverty

 Unemployment

 Population Explosion

 Communalism and Communal Violence

 Backward Castes, Tribes and Classes

 Youth Unrest and Agitations

 Child Abuse and Child Labour

 Violence Against Women

 Illiteracy

 Urbanization

 Crime and Criminals

 juvenile Delinquency

 Alcoholism

 Terrorism

 Black Money and Corruption.


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