Rajasthan State Sports Council

Rajasthan State Sports Council

The Rajasthan State Sports Council is a registered institution under the Rajasthan Institution Registration Act, 1958, which is the apex body for the development of sports in the state under the control of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports in the state. After the establishment, the Sports Council has played an important role in the development of sports of the state in the history of the last 61 years.

The Sports Council also honors sports persons with “Vashishta Puraskar”, which makes sports persons who have brought laurels to the state at national and international level. The award is being conferred from the year 1985-86. Till the year 2018-19, 40 sports coaches have been given this award. In the Guru Vashistha Award, the trainers are currently given Rs. Cash amount of 1 lakh, Brass statue of Guru Vashisht, Blazer with tie and citation are awarded.

The main function of the Council shall be to approve policies and important schemes for the promotion of sports in the state, and the other functions shall be as under:

  • Operation and maintenance of sports stadiums,
  • Procurement and maintenance of specialized sports equipment,
  • Setting up and management of spots academies and sports hostels.
  • Appointment of Sports Officers, coaches and other staff with measurable targets.
  • Training of elite sportspersons.
  • Implementation of specific target based sports projects.
  • The Rajasthan State Sports Council shall function in close association with the Sports Associations.

Players are honored with ‘Maharana Pratap Award’ for outstanding achievements at National and International level by the State Sports Council. Maharana Pratap Award is being awarded from 1982-83. As of year 2015-16 163 players from Rajasthan have been honored with the Maharana Pratap Award. The selected players in the Maharana Pratap award are presently in the Rs. 1 lakh cash, Maharana Pratap’s brass statue, Blazer Muay tie and citation are awarded.Rajasthan State Sports Council

Governor of Rajasthan State Sports Council (PATRON) Governor of the State. The Chief Minister of the State is also the Deputy Patron of the Council. The Chairman of the Council is the Chief Executive. Apart from this, there are countless members of the Council nominated by Vice President, Treasurer and State Government. 6 officers are ex-officio members. Mr. V.G., the first President of the Council Kanetkar was there. With effect from July 11, 2014, the Chairman, Shri J.C. Mahanti (Additional Chief Secretary, Youth Affairs and Sports Department) has been handled.

Sports Administration is also becoming more complex in the present time. Rajasthan State Sports Council is apex body of Sports in Rajasthan and have planned to introduce modern management practices in all the districts.


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