International Relations Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1- Discuss the significance of CANCUN Submit concluded on 10th Dec. 2010. What was India’s stand in the submit? 4

2-Discuss the pro’s and con’s of Civil Nuclear Liability Act 2010. 4

3- Discuss the significance of the visits of Premiers/Presidents of following countries to India during November and December 2010 USA, France, China and Russia mention their names also. 6

4- Analyse  the claim of India to permanent membership in the United Nation Security Council after getting Non-Permanent membership and changes in Global Prespective. 6

5- Describe the cause, effect and remedies of current Global Economic Crisis. Analyse the role of India, China and USA in this regard. 6


6(a)- Tamil Problem. 4

6(b)- Tell about the Political Scenario in Nepal. 6

7- Obama’s lecture in Cairo University is a sign of change in USA’s foreign policy. Explain. 6


8- Explain the role of International Monetary Fund. 4

9- Discuss the ‘Madhesi’ problem in Nepal. 4

10- Put up a critical evaluation of current international relation , policy and extradition treaty of India in the Global context of terrorism. 6


11- Most favoured Nations. 2

12- UNHCR. 4

13- Explain “EURO”. 4

14- South Asian Free Trade Area(SAFTA). 4

15- Explain about the origin and development of Asian Games. 6


16- European Central Bank. 2

17- Evaluate the WTO submit held in Seatle. 4

18- Describe the origin and development of Common wealth games. 6


19-Name the parliament of following nations:- (a)France (b) Denmark (c) Switzerland (d)Iran. 2

20- Write a brief note on Human Rights Charter. 4


21- Identify Euromoney and why was it in the news recently? 2

22- Duties of U.N.H.C.R.(United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees). 2

23- Peaceful use of Atomic Energy. 4

24-Identify some of the International Covenants in force to protect Human Rights. 6


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