Rajasthan Geography Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1- Deliniate natural regions of Rajasthan and describe any one of them.  6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2010

2- Describe the role of RICCO in the industrial developement of Rajasthan. 6 marks-2010
3- Describe the main source of power generation in Rajasthan. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2010

4- Combating drought in Rajasthan. 4 marks-2010
5- Water Policy 2010 of Rajasthan. 4 marks-2010

6- Write a short note on Aravalli Range. 4 marks -2010

7- The district of Rajasthan which have the highest and lowest sex ratio

as per 2001 census.  4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2010

7(a)- Describe the seed Spices of Western Rajasthan.

4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2010
8- Flora of Thar Desert. 2 marks-2010

9- Lake Developement Projects in Rajasthan. 2 marks-2010

10-What is solar Energy Enterprise Zone (SEEZ) and where is it located. 2 marks -2010
11- Mawat and its source of humidity. 2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains- 2010

12- Classification of Soil areas.  4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains- 2008
13- Dairy Developement. 4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2008

14- Stone Industry of Rajasthan. 4 marks-2008

15(a)- Main Districts which lie across Indra Gandhi Canal. 2 marks-2008

15(b)- Tribal Mahila Self Help Group- 2 marks 2008
16- Cover Erossion. 2 marks- 2008

17- Describe the Desert Developement Projects of Rajasthan. 6 marks-2007
18-Describe the Population distribution format of rajasthan & Illustrate its determining factors. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2007

19- Describe the silent features of Physico Cultural Regions of Rajasthan. 6 marks-2007
20- Describe the Tribal Area Developement & Plans. 6 marks-2007

21- Execution of Narmada Project in Rajasthan. 4 marks-2007
22(a)- Talchhapar Sanctuary. 4 marks-2007

22(b)- Kankrej &its main varieties

23- Non-Conventional sources of  energy. 4 marks-2007
24- Takhli Dam Project. 2 marks-2007

25- Describe the current status of population of Rajasthan and the steps taken to restrict the population growth. 6 marks-2003

26- Through some light on the administrative setup established in Rajasthan for improving the electricity condition. 6 marks-2003

27- Give a detailed explaination of the cultural regions of Rajasthan. 6 marks-2003
28- Through some light on the Chambal project of Rajasthan. 6 marks-2003

29- Explain various cattle varieties and their regions. 4 marks-2003

30- Drought and famines are frequent in Rajasthan. Mention the causes and suggest the ways to deal with this problem. 6 marks-2000

31- Describe the role of public sector industries in economic developement of the state. 6 marks-2000

32- Review the present position of production of lead, Zinc and Copper in Rajasthan, stating the places of availability of the sources. 6 marks-2000

33- What means are used for irrigation in Rajasthan and what is their contribution   in the agriculturaldevelopement of the state. 6 marks-2000 34- Jakham River. 2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-2000
35- Sambhar Lake. 2 marks-2000

36- Compare the mother and child care programmes in Rajasthan with the other states in India. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1999

37- Describe the Main features of ‘ Bisalpur Project’? 6 marks-1999

38- Discuss the growth of Distance education in Rajasthan. To what extant it would serve the intrests of Higher Education in the State? 6 marks-1999

39- Acess the Progress of ‘ Heritage Hotel Scheme’ Rajasthan during the last five years. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1999

40- How far do you agree that Rajasthan is a mazor cement producing state in the country. 6 marks-1999

41- Mineral oil Exploration in Rajasthan. 4 marks-1999

42- Solar Energy Projects in Rajasthan. 4 marks-1999

43-Write on any 5 wildlife santuaries in Rajasthan. 4 marks-1999

44(a)- Rajsamand Lake. 2marks-1999

44(b)- Chappan Plains. 2marks-1999

45- Write the names and special features of the main geographical sub-regions of Rajasthan. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1997

46- Acess the progress of industrial growth and its impact on Rajasthan in last five years. 6marks-1997

47- Why population growth in Rajasthan is very high? What strategy should be adopted to contain it? 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1997

48- Why literacy in Rajasthan is very low? What immediate steps should be taken to improve the situation? 6marks-1997

49- Name 6 important rivers of Rajasthan. 4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1997

50-(a) Narmada Canal Project. 4 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1997

50-(b) Making Rajasthan Literate. 4 marks 1997

50-(c)Gurushikhar 2 marks 1997

50-(d) Longewala 2 marks 1997

50-(e) Dang 2 marks 1997

50(f) Mahi 2 marks 1997

50-(g) Thar 2 marks 1997

50-(h) Mewar 2 marks 1997

51- Access the progress of oil seeds production programme and its impact on Rajasthan in last five years. 6 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1996

52- Mention five major sectors/areas which would be crucial in the developement of Rajasthan in 21st Centuy. Explain why? 6marks-1996

53-Why female Literacy in Rajasthan is lowest in the country? What imediate steps should be taken to improve the situation? 6marks-1996

54- Main problems of rapid industrial developement of Rajasthan.


55- Explain Salient Features of Geography of Rajasthan. 4marks-1996

56- Explain Solar Energy as a good source of energy in Rajasthan.       4marks-1996

57- Indra Gandhi Canal Project. 4marks-1996

58- Aravali. 2marks-1996

59- Desertification. 2marks-1996

60- CAZRI 2marks-1996

61- Rajsamand 2marks-1996

62(a)- Godawan 2marks-1996

62(b)- Rathi 2marks-1996

62(c)- Uppermall. 2marks-1996

62(d)- Hadoti 2marks-1996

63- Acess the Progress of afforestation programmes in Rajasthan.

10 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

64- Desert Developemt Programme. 5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

65- Drought and famines are frequent in Rajasthan. Mention the causes and suggest the ways to deal with this problem. 10marks-1994

66- Write briefly about the following mineral wealth in Rajasthan- Tungsten,Manganese,Zinc,Copper and Feldspar. 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

67- What do you understand by Social-Forestry? 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

68- Why does western Rajasthan recieves low amount of annual rainfall?       2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

69- Present a short note on ‘soil degradation’ in Rajasthan. 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

70- Explain ‘Bio-Gas’ as a good source of energy in the rural areas of Rajasthan. 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

71- Family Planning Programme in Rajasthan. 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

72- Name four breeds of cows  which are generally classified as ‘Dairy Breed’. 2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains -1994

73- Mention the names of two major tributeries of Chambal River.

2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains 1994

74- Name two places in Rajasthan where ‘National Parks’ have been established. 2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains -1994

75- Cash Crops of Rajasthan. 2 marks-RAS/RTS Mains -1994

76- Maru- Ganga. 2 marks 1994

77- Desertification 2marks 1994

77(a)- Vegitation and climate of Rajasthan. 4 marks 1994

77(b)-Tribals of Rajasthan. 4 marks 1994

77(c)- What are the important agro based industries which can be setup in Rajasthan? 6 marks 1994

78- Mineral resources of Rajasthan. 4 marks 1991

79- Desert Development Programme. 4 marks 1991

80- The main Rabi crops of Rajasthan. 4 marks 1991


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