Forest Of India

 Forests – Natural Vegetation of India   Table of Contents 1 Forests – Natural Vegetation of India 2 Classification of Natural Vegetation of India 3 Moist Tropical Forests 3.1 Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests or Rain Forests 3.2 Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests 3.3 Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests 3.4 Littoral and Swamp Forests 4 Dry Tropical Forests 4.1 Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests 4.1.1 Casuarina plantation 4.2 Tropical Dry … Read more

Types Of Settlement In India

 Settlement can be defined as any form of human habitation which ranges from a single dwelling to large city. The word settlement has another connotation as well as this is a process of opening up and settling of a previously uninhabited area by the people. In geography this process is also known as occupancy. … Read more

Urban Spheres Of Influence And Rural Urban Fringe

 Urban spheres of influence and rural urban fringe Urban spheres of influence Urban spheres of influence reflect centre-to-hinterland relationship, compared with the non-central region, the centre assumes more complex economic functions, and provides more economic activities. Famous theoretical contributions to this research field are the Central Place Theory (Christaller, 1933), the extension to the … Read more

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