Rajasthan Agriculture

Rajasthan Agriculture Agriculture and allied sector continues to be the backbone of the State’s economy and endures to be the large contributor of the GSDP. 75 per cent population of the State resides in the rural areas and about 62 per cent depend on agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. Agriculture and allied sector … Read more

Horticulture of Rajasthan

 Horticulture of Rajasthan     The salient features of Horticulture in Rajasthan are summarized below: 90% of the rainfall is received during monsoon season. In addition to spatial variation there is much variation in yearly pattern in rainfall. Mango, Aonla, Pomegranate, Guava, Santra,Kinnu, Ber and Malta are the main horticulture fruits. 90% nurseries are registered … Read more

Forestry of Rajasthan

  Rajasthan is blessed with great variety of natural resources ranging from scanty vegetation in the western arid region to mixed delicious and sub-tropical evergreen forests in the east and south east of Aravali ranges. Forest cover is 32744.49 sq.km.(12475 sq.km. is reserved, 18222 sq.km.is Protected Forest 2046.75 is unclassified forest) which is about 9.57% of the total … Read more

Dairy and Animal Husbandry with special reference to Rajasthan.

Dairy and Animal husbandry with special reference to Rajasthan What is Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry is a branch of agriculture, which comprises of controlled cultivation, management, up keeping and production of domestic animals (like cattles, horses, sheeps etc.) which includes improvement in the qualities considered desirable by humans by means of breeding, genetics, behavior and … Read more

Industrial Sector- Growth and recent trends of Rajasthan

    Industrialization in Rajasthan has been a recent phenomenon, as prior to the independence the development of industries was restricted by the following factors:- Lack of Interest by the rulers Lack of technical know how Lack of transport facilities. RICCO has been established as an apex body for the development of industries in the … Read more

Growth, Development & Planning with special reference to Rajasthan.

  Economic Growth Economic growth means an increase in real GDP. This increase in real GDP means there is an increase in the value of national output / national expenditure. Economic growth is an important macro-economic objective because it enables increased living standards and helps create new jobs. Measurement of Economic Growth Economic growth is … Read more

Recent development and issues in service sector of Rajasthan.

  Information Technology and IT enabled Services Software and services exports continued to remain on top of the IT industry’s revenue. The export-driven software sector saw major long-term projects come to Indian ICT leaders and Indian Companies bagging a larger and larger share of the global outsourced business. The state of Rajasthan offers huge investment … Read more

Infrastructure of Rajasthan

Infrastructure of Rajasthan Extensive, efficient and quality infrastructure network, mainly including electricity, transportation and communication is the prime requirement for sustainable and inclusive growth of almost all sectors of the economy. High class infrastructure certainly accelerates the pace of development. Now, when the Indian economy is emerging as a fast growing economy, the Government of … Read more

Public Private Partnership Model for Economic Transformation in Rajasthan.

  Rajasthan ranks fourth in the list of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the country. As per a report released by the Assocham, there are seven major urban development projects worth over Rs 1,400 crore currently being undertaken in construction sector in PPP mode and several others in rural areas. The state government, with … Read more

Demographic Scenario of the State and its impact on Rajasthan Economy.

  The productive capacity of an economy is directly linked to the size of its working – age population relative to its total population, it is essential to distinguish between the two components when exploring the impact of demographic change on economic performance. Census 2011 data shows the overall percentage of children in 0-6 year’s … Read more

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