Agro-climatic Regions of Rajasthan for Ras RTS Mains and Ras RTS Prelims exam

Variable Climatic condition throughout the state has led to the development of different agricultural practices. Scientists have divided the state into following agro-climatic regions:- Western Agricultural Region:- It covers the sandy arid plains with low rainfall and thus about 70% of the net cropped area is under Kharif crops of bajra and pulses. This region … Read more

Natural Vegetation of Rajasthan :-for Ras RTS Mains and Ras Rts Prelims Exam

Rajasthan is blessed with great variety of natural resources ranging from scanty vegetation in the western arid region to mixed delicious and sub-tropical evergreen forests in the east and south east of Aravali ranges. Forest cover is 32744.49 is reserved, 18222 Protected Forest 2046.75 is unclassified forest) which is about 9.57% of … Read more

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