Daily current affair 16 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Barcoding norms for pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical companies in India expected to comply with mandatory bar-coding of medicine, this means that a barcode will ensure that every unique strip of drug will go into a unique secondary package. the barcode will enable tracking of the origin of shipment and to curve the distribution of spurious drugs Small … Read more

Daily current affair 15 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Citizens with disability Disability act 1955 clearly Mendes that public Roads, building and transportation should be made barrier free for person with disability. United Nations convention on the rights of person with disability 2007 recognised that basic human right and and accessibility are prerequisite. Sugamya Bharat accessible India campaign is launched by India National Building … Read more

Daily current affair 14 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Border infrastructure projects A radical new approach is now being adopted to accelerate projects to unclog the bottlenecks in border areas, along with work on hundreds of other strategic projects, as the Narendra Modi government sharpens focus on creating infrastructure along India’s borders. From the Bharat Mala project (it envisages a road network along India’s land boundary, stretching from … Read more

Daily current affair 13 October 2015 from hindu and indian express

Uniform Civil Code Article 44 of the Constitution of India states that the state shall endeavor to have a Uniform Civil Code but Directive principles are not mandatory like the fundamental rights. secularism is a basic tenant of the Preamble and the fundamental rights, having a common Civil Code may hamper the secularism in Shah … Read more

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