Daily current affair 20-21 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Constitutionality of national judicial appointment Commission

  • Recent judgement by justice J.S. Khelkar  strike down the national judicial appointment Commission as unconstitutional
  • It was propossed in constitutional 99th ammendment
  • Constitution of India provides that as a judge of Supreme Court and High Court shall be appointed by the president after consultation with judges of the supreme court and high court under article 124 and 217
  • But the position was changed by the second and third judges case of 1993 and 1998
  • the supreme court established the controversial collegium system of appointing judges by the Chief Justice of India in consultation with other judges and with the president formally acepting there recommendation
  • In the judicial appointment commission case the supreme court for the first time has held that if the primacy of judges in appointing judges is taken away by New body the basic structure of the independence of the Judiciary will be destroyed

Statemanship is a quality of a politician who could utilize his/her charisma to achieve ends selflessly and impartially .

Third Indian African Summit at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium New Delhi on October 29th

Koppu-Typhoon which hits Philippines

Goddess Yellamma
Worshipped in parts of Southern India and Mahabharat says that she was murdered by her son on her husbands order for merely looking at the pleasing reflection in river of a celestial flying overhead


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