DMPQ- Essay topics for RAS Mains Exam

ESSAY (Compulsory)


Time :  3 Hours Maximum Marks : 100



*    Write two essays, choosing one each from Sections A and B.

*  The attempt has to be in the same language, either English or Hindi.

*  Each attempt should be in about 900 words individually.

* Credit will be given to aptness of format, correctness of expression and originality of thought.

* The essays carry 50 marks each.




  1. democracy survival depends upon the autonomy of the institution
  2. Environment pollution does not know any boundary.
  3. Social change requires sustained and incessant effort.
  4. sabarimala , recent adultery judgement




  1. Is Industrial revolution 4.O the next big thing
  2. Modern technology owes ecology an apology
  3. Is global protection is a threat to globalization
  4. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women

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