DMPQ: Give  in brief an account on mineral resource in Rajasthan? Discuss the scheme in operation to extract minerals.

Rajasthan is the richest state in terms of availability and variety of minerals in the Country. It has deposits of 81 different types of minerals. Out of these, 57 Minerals are being currently mined. Rajasthan is the sole producer of lead and zinc ores and concentrate,Selenite and Wollastonite. Almost entire production of Silver, Calcite and Gypsum in the country comes from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is also the leading Producer of Ball Clay, Phosphorite, Ochre, Steatite, Felspar and Fire Clay in the Country. It also has prominent position in the Country in the production of dimensional and decorative stones, such as Marble, Sandstone, Granite etc. The State is leading Producer of Cement Grade & Steel Grade Limestone in India. At present Mining leases are being granting by e-auction process.

The schemes currently in operation are as follows:

  • Intensive mineral Survey and prospecting scheme: Under this scheme search of minerals and their assessment is carried out . Under this regional mineral survey , regional geological mapping , detail geological mapping, drilling is carried out.


  • Construction of approach roads in Mining areas: The department constructs approach roads through PWD in the mining areas to facilitate mineral transportation.


Apart from above schemes, various institution are working in tandem to realise the full potential of mineral reserve. For eg. Directorate of Mines and Geology. Rajsthan state mines and minerals limited is one of the premier public sector enterprise of government of Rajasthan, primarily engaged in mining and marketing of industrial minerals in the sate.


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