DPPQ-The Advent of the Europeans-Portugese

Question:Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese mariner disembarked at the Indian port of Calicut in

Question:Which european nation was first to establish trading centres in India

Question:The Hindu ruler of Calicut during the disembarked of Vasco da Gama wasknown as

Question:The first Portuguese factory (trading station) was set up in 1502 at

Question:Portuguese government sent whom as the first Governor of the Portuguese affairs in India
>>>Alfonso Albu­querque
>>>Vasco da Gama

Question:During the rule of which Mughal ruler the Portuguese were allowed to set up a factory
>>>Shah Jhan

Question:Which mugal ruler ordered the Governor of Bengal to punish for the notoriety of the Portuguese
>>>Shah Jhan

Question:After the decline of Portuguese power and rise of other colonial powers Portuguese focused on

Question:Portuguese occupation of which region gave them control of the mouth of the bay of Cambay which compelled the Arabs to withdraw from their Indian trade

Question:Ghodbunder Fort constructed by Portuguese is located in

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