DMPQ: The Himalayas has played the important role of a foster mother for the Indians. Discuss

The Himalayan has rendered unique climatic identity to Indian subcontinent. The role played by it is nothing less than a foster mother. It save India from the cold north east trade winds and provide tropical type of climate in the subtropical region.

It is not a exaggeration to say that Indian economy is gamble of monsoon. In recent studies the role of Himalaya has been highlighted by researchers. Himalayas obstruct the monsoon winds which helps in rainfall.

Further it act as a source of Mighty rivers like Ganga, Indus, Brahmputra, Yamuna etc. Major rivers of Northern India which rise from the Himalayas are perennial. They are fed by snow fields. So the rivers are navigable throughout the year and have enough water for irrigation and hydel power generation. The vast plains are fed by the rich alluvium brought by the Himalayan rivers.

It also act as a store house of rich flora and fauna. Himalayas also provide shelter to various indigenous tribes. The tribal economy is very much dependant on the natural resources provided by Himalayas.

As Himalayas act as a  guard against the cold central Asian winds, is a source of water for navigation and power generation, increases the productivity of the land by providing alluvium, act as biodiversity hot spot the tag of foster mother can be accorded to the Himalayas.

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