DMPQ- Why Jute Industries are more concentrated in West Bengal? Also give an account of the problems faced by Jute Industry in India.

The main reasons for concentration of jute industries in WB are:

  1. Favourable condition for Jute production: Ample amount of water, high humidity and warm and wet climate.
  2. Secondly cheap labour is also available from Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha etc
  3. Hubly river also provide import and export of jute.

Problem faced by Jute industry:

  • Shortage of raw material: As production and productivity has not been increased since partition. Most of the Jute producing area now lies with Bangladesh.
  • Lack of capital for the Industry.
  • Obsolete mills and machinery
  • Competition : Tough competition being faced by Bangladesh, Phillipines, South Korea, Japan etc.
  • Decrease in the demand due to the availability of synthetic alternative
  • Frequent strike and lockouts


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