Enumerate the difference between Himalayan and Peninsular drainage system?


S.No. Himalayan drainage Peninsular drainage
1. Perennial in nature. Seasonal in nature
2. Both snow fed and monsoon n fed Monsoon fed
3. Voluminous Less voluminous
4. Very large command area Less Command area
5. Himalayan river exhibits antecedent character Consequent character is exhibited
6. All Himalayan rivers form delta at the mouth Form both delta and estuaries at the mouth
7. Navigable for huge distance as they entered in plain area. Not so navigable for long distance. Because of rapids, waterfall, cataracts
8 Hydroelectric potential is huge. But project feasibility is under question due to high seismic activity in the region. Hydroelectrcity potential is low but it is advisable to harness it as rivers are flowing through stable land reform.
9. Himalayan rivers as they flow over long distance exhibit lot of meandering activity, sometimes to an extent that it led to the formation of oxbow lake Very less meandering because they are flowing in region where well defined slopes are there.
10. Very prone to floods-both in terms of frequency and intensity. Less prone to fluids both in terms of frequency and intensity.
11 Relatively low disputes Interstates disputes are more



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