Tabulate the difference between western ghats and eastern ghats?

In this type of questions please try to make map of India and roughly show the location of western and eastern ghats.

Basis Western Ghats Eastern Ghats
Direction Run Parallel to west cost in north south direction Eastern ghats run in a north east to south west direction parallel to the eastern cost.
Width Avg width is 50-80km Avg width 100-200km
Source of river Act as a water divide. Source of many rivers like Krishna, Godavari, cauvery, koyna etc. No big river originates
Rainfall Almost perpendicular to south west direction leading to heavy rainfall. rainfall greater than 200cm in kerala region. Eastern Ghats almost parallel to returning  monsoon so less rainfall.
Physical division Continuous in nature can be crossed through passes only. Like Palghat, thal ghat,naneghat Not continuous , big rivers divide into fragments
Elevation Elevation between 900-1100m  Average elevation 600
Biodiversity Highly enriched. A biodiversity hotspot. Rich in flora and fauna. National parks and wild life sanctuaries are more in number. Tropical evergreen foreset, temperate evergreen forest is a speciality. Not so enriched as compared to Western ghats.

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