DMPQ- Gopal Krishna Gokhale was the pioneer of Indian National Movement. He was the political guru of M K Gandhi. Elaborate upon the contribution of Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

  1. K Gokhale was instrumental Indian in bringing about Morley-Minto Reforms, which marked the beginning of constitutional reforms in India. He was an advocate of liberalism, reason free of passion and the importance of education in enriching minds. Gokhale’s idea of free and compulsory education was proposed through his Elementary Education Bill in 1910, and this was later included under Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle of State Policy.

He established ‘Servants of India Society’ to organize mobile libraries, support schools, and provided night classes for factory workers. The Society attracted youth for meaningfully contributing in National Movement.

  1. K Gokhale was mentor to Gandhiji. Gandhiji received personal guidance from G.K. Gokhale,· including a knowledge and understanding of India and the issues confronting common Indians. This was perhaps G K Gokhale’s greatest contribution which laid foundation for political idealism in the National Movement through Mahatma Gandhi.

Launched the English weekly newspaper named The Hitavad to popularize national movement, especially in Central India.

G.K Gokhale contributed to the national movement when it was passing through transitory phase in early 20th century, thus creating a base for future struggle.

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