DMPQ: The executive power of the Union shall be vested in the President and shall be exercised by him either directly or through officers subordinate to him in accordance with this Constitution. But President also enjoys legislative powers. Delineate the legislative powers of the President.( Polity)

The above statement is stated in article 53 of the constitution. President is the executive head of the state. He also enjoys some legislative power as he is the part of  Parliament. The following legislative powers are enjoyed by president:

  • President summons both the Houses of the Parliament for sessions.
  • President also prorogues the sessions.
  • President is also responsible for dissolving the Lok Sabha.
  • The first session of each year and the first session of newly elected Lok Sabha after the general elections begin with the address of the President.
  • President can nominate two members in the Lok Sabha belonging to the Anglo Indian community.
  • President has the power to send messages to the Parliament.
  • President can nominate 12 members to the Rajya Sabha.
  • President submits the reports of UPSC, Finance Commission etc. to the Parliament.
  • the assent of the President to introduce certain bills
  • No bill can become a law without Parliament, prior permission of the President is required. E.g.Money bills.
  • President possesses Veto power.
  • President has Ordinance making power under Article 123.




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