Why can the lok sabha control the executive more efficiently than the Rajya sabha?

If Parliament is pillar of democracy , lok sabha and Rajya sabha are founding stone of that pillar. They are the law making bodies which keep the democracy in vibrancy and healthy state. But lok sabha surpasses rajya sabha in terms of check on executive because of the following reason.

A money bill can be introduced only in LS and it is the speaker who authorise money bill under article 110. Money bill mainly contain six provision regarding taxation. Rajya sabha can only delay the bill for 14days. Hence more power lies with Lok sabha in terms of fiscal control.

No confidence motion can be introduced in lok sabha only. If it is passed, PM has to resign. Article 75(3) clearly sates that council of minister is responsible to lower house i.e. lok sabha.

During the joint sitting under article 108, lok sabha has a edge over Rajya sabha due to the number game.

If 10% or more members of the Lok sabha gives in writing to the lok sabha speaker for revocation of proclamation of emergency, speaker has to call the session. With simple majority LS can revoke the proclaimation. This is  a special power added by 44th Constitutional amendment act.

Hence we can deduce from the above the superiority enjoyed by the Lok sabha

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