A Simple And Easy Guide To Understand Physics Concepts- Guest Article by BYJU’S

Physics is one of the core branches of science and it forms the fundamentals of science, a student must be well versed in numericals, derivations and theory of important concepts of physics. Some students might find these topics challenging and complex; however we have devised a simple and easy to follow guide for understanding different topics of Physics. The majority of students or even people who are simply understanding the various concepts of physics can understand them easily and write the exams with the clear understanding of the subject.


A simple and easy guide to understanding Physics Concepts:


  • Memorizing Definitions: The main concept of Physics is to define general terms and concepts that everyone in the community can agree on and rely on as the definition of a concept that is accepted by everyone. For example the kinetic energy definition is simply defined as the energy that is possessed by a body, which is capable of producing energy by motion.
  • Understanding Classifications: Physics is well branched out subjects that consists of various types and classifications that are important to understand. When a subject is complicated and has different subsections to it, it is important to remember the different classifications based on how they differ from one another, rather than memorizing them blindly. A simple example would be the types of resistor in the classification of resistors. Understanding the different types of resistors based on material composition resistors are classified on uses and several other factors.
  • E-Learning apps: There are many apps that provide educational content on your phone, apps such as BYJU’S the learning app which has thousands of hours on content, course material, exam preparation guides and question papers. Thus, e-learning apps are incredibly useful for learning different concepts and topics at your own pace.


Thus, these are simple and easy ways to understanding physics concepts. For more educational content, subscribe to the BYJU’S Youtube channel. If you liked this article and would like more physics related content, check out this short yet informative video on Electricity & Resistance:

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