Non-Metallic Minerals of Rajasthan:- For RAS RTS Mains and RAS RTS Prelims Exam

Rajasthan has a monopoly over the non-metallic mineral resources.













  • Gypsum has great use in fertilizers,plaster of paris,cement,paints and medicine.
  • Deposits of Gypsum are found in the Paleochannels ie the riverbeds of ancient rivers.

Different gypsum producing areas of state are:-

  1. Nagaur District
  2. Bikaner-Gangnagar District
  3. Churu District
  4. Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Barmer Districts

  • Mica forms a major constituent of pegmatites and is chiefly used in electrical insulation.
  • The mazor mica producing belt of rajasthan runs from NE-SW direction

Major belts are:-

  1. North Eastern Mica Belts- Tonk and Jaipur
  2. South Western Mica Belt- Bhilwara and Rajsamand
  3. Scattered Mica Belt- Sikar


  • Its used in Glass, Pottery and enamel industries.
  • Rajasthan is the chief producer of felspar in the country
  • Major areas are- Jaipur,Ajmer,Pali,Tonk and Sikar

  • Its mainly an insulating mineral and is used for cement,roofing sheets and pipes.
  • Kherwara and Rikhabdeo are the main areas of Abestos production


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