Say NOOOO To Prelims Answerkeys— Buckle up for RAS/RTS Mains 2016

Well the question regarding the answer key has been asked by several students like:-

  • Sir,when will be the answer key uploaded?
  • Why have you not given the answer key?

So the answer for it is simple….

We don’t believe in disturbing your weeks in marks and cutoff predictions. 

So just forget about the marks/cutoff, Don’t be distracted by the marks of superhumans .Prelims and mains are completely a different game .One depends on your rataa shastra while the other on your creativity and writing skill. Prelims is over now and earlier you are out of the prelims hangover ,better it is for your mains performance.

Now the question is would be provide the answer key…. YES DEFINITELY…. but not for marks and cutoff predictions. Our answer key will be for Objections after RPSC declares its official answer key, as we will provide you with the digital or photocopied proofs of the objections raised from standard sources.

Now coming to our second issue at hand, Take a two day rest which ends today and start a systematic preparation for  RAS/RTS mains 2016.

Veterans would be having a first hand feeling of the answer writing or the lack of it during there previous attempt for RAS/RTS Mains 2013. Freshers would be a bit shocked or confused after seeing the syllabus as it covers almost everything under the sun.

Those who have followed our website for RAS/RTS Mains 2013 are familiar with the importance of topic wise analysis. For Mains 2016 we would try to cover all the topics even including Hindi and Rajasthani.

We have released the detailed schedule for our RAS/RTS Mains 2016 Test Series

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Even those who are not planning to join our paid Test series ,could follow the schedule to cover the entire syllabus much before the real exam.

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