World History-Guess papers RAS RTS Mains

Ias Questions

  1. What were the major political,economic and social developments in the world which motivated the anti-colonial struggle in India? 10 2014
  2. What were the events that led the Suez Crisis in 1956 ? How did it deal final blow to Britain’s self-image as a world power ?10 2014
  3. The New Economic Policy – 1921of Lenin had influenced the policies adopted by India soon after independence. Evaluate.10 2014

1. Erasmus
2. Lollard
3. Compliance of Yorktown
4. Stamp Act congress
5. Quartering Act
6. letra-de-kashe
7. Tennis court oath
8. aansia-regieme
9. Boxer Reballion
10. Carbonari
11.Berlin Congress
12.Jafrey chausar
14.Berlin decree
15.with council order

16. Comment on (Jrination amity) Jriple alliance?
17.Comment on entellectual side of Russion Revolution
18.Mention 5 political impacts of Industrial revolution.
19.Imperialism was indispensable result of Industrial Revolution. Explain?
20.What do you understand by term Concorda?
21.Luthar was more popular among German rulers rather than German public, Cmment?
22.Explain the meaning of Humanism?
23.Mention 5 features of Rennaissance
24.Reasons of American revolution
25.Importance of philosophers in French revolution
26.the era of discovery and research was the second side of the interest which was grew up to world and human through renaissance.
27.the seeds of conflict between colonies of England and America were hidden in England,s trade policy. Define it.
28.Result of reformation
29.Why rise of Rennaissance took place in Italy only?
30.Critically examine the Treaty of Versailles.
31.Describe the results of Russion Revolution?
32.French Revolution was a revolt against inequalities.

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