Kachwa Rulers of Amer


The Kachhwaha clan of the Rajputs of Amber we are one of the most important components of the Mughal nobility.

The Minas were ousted by Kachhwaha Rajputs from Amer.The Kachchwaha rulers of Amber-Jaipur trace their descent from Kush, the son of Ram, an incarination of Lord Vishnu.

In the Balban inscription of 1288 A.D., Chatsu inscription of 1499 A.D.,

Sanganer inscription of 1601 and Rewasa inscription of 1604 A.D., the Kachhwaha has

been mentioned as Kurmas or Kurmbha

The ruling chief of thisprincipality Raja Bharamal Kachhwaha was the first Rajput ruler who acceptedthe subordination of Emperor Akbar and also offered him his daughter in marriage. In turn they were rewarded with high mansabs and important administrative offices in Mughal administration. Several member of the family such as Raja Bharamal, Bhagwant Das, Man Singh, Jagannath, Bhao Singh and Jai Singh were held in high esteem by the Mughal rulers.

Amber was a small state in the north-eastern plain of Rajputana and upto 1528 the rulers were practically feudatories of the Sisodias of Mewar.

However, after the death of Rana Sangram, they became almost independent but the rulers of Marwar and the Muslims officers posted at Ajmer and Nagore continued to harass them.’ On the eve of the Mughal conquest of India, Amber was ruled by Prithvi Raj Kachhwahas. It seems that close relations between the Kachhwahas and the imperial Mughals were established quite early.

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