Tuglaqs and Rajasthan

Tuglaqs and Rajasthan

The Mewar reestablished their supremacy within 50 years of the sack of Chittorgarh, under Maharana Hammir. Hammir defeated Muhammad Tughlaq with Charans as his main allies, and captured him. Tughlaq had to pay a huge ransom and relinquish all of Mewar’s lands. After this the Delhi Sultanate did not attack Chittorgarh for a few hundred years. The Rajputs reestablished their independence, and Rajput states were established as far east as Bengal and north into the Punjab. The Tomaras established themselves at Gwalior, and the ruler Man Singh Tomar built the fortress which still stands there. Mewar emerged as the leading Rajput state, and Rana Kumbha expanded his kingdom at the expense of the sultanates of Malwa and Gujarat.

Lodis and Mughals

Rajputs under Rana Sanga defeated Sultanates of Malwa, Gujarat and also Ibrahim Lodi, Sultan of Delhi and their empire expanded up to boundaries of Delhi. As Rajputs were planning to capture Delhi and dethrone Lodis, Mughals under Babur invaded Delhi and defeated Ibrahim Lodi at the First Battle of Panipat on 21 April 1526. Rana Sanga rallied a Rajput army to challenge Babur. Babur defeated the Rajputs at the Battle of Khanwa on 16 March 1527, with the help of his superior techniques. The Rajput rulers agreed to pay tribute to Babur, but most retained control of their states, and struggles between Babur’s successor Humayun and the Suri Dynasty for control of the Sultanate

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