What is navigation satellite? India launched IRNSS recently, what is IRNSS? What are its application?

Navigation satellite is a system which provides system of artificial satellite that helps in providing autonomous geospatial positioning. It helps to provide positioning information regarding local time to high precision. Global positioning system launched(GPS) by NASA is an example of it.

India Launched Indian regional navigation satellite system called IRNSS. It is a constellation of eight satellite. Three satellite in geostationary position and five satellite in geosynchronous position. It is designed to provide accurate positioning information upto 1500 km from its primary service area. IRNSS will provide two type of services namely standard positioning service which is provided to all users and Restricted service which is encrypted service provided only to authorise users only.

Application of IRNSS:

  • Mapping and geodetic data capture.
  • Self reliance in navigation. Will help during war like situation
  • to boost disaster management
  • Terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation
  • Precision timing
  • Traffic management
  • Visual and voice navigation for drivers
  • Navigation for army, will boost national security


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