DMPQ- Indian Joint family system is on decline. Enumerate the reasons for the transition from Joint family to nuclear family.

Reasons for the fall of Joint family system:

  • Growing individualisation as a result of modernisation forced one to grow independently. This led to fragmentation of Joint family system.
  • Urbanisation and Industrialisation lead to social and economic system. It resulted in the flow of rural population to the urban areas.
  • Modern education has also affected the attitudes, beliefs, values and ideologies of the people. This has also affected the social structure of Indian society.
  • Impact of Western culture.
  • Change in the marriage as an institution. Now live in , gay marriage, single parent has got legal sanction and has touched our social structure also. This has led to change in family system.
  • Over population has created pressure on agricultural landholdings forcing one to move out of the joint family system.



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