DMPQ- Policy framers must recognise the wide diversity of Adivasi in order to address their different problem. Elucidate.

seven adults of Khariasavar community died within a span of just two weeks. The life span is approximately 26 years less than the average India’s life expectancy. This is not normal for mainstream society like us.

Similarly all adivasis are facing one or the other problems which are not recognised at policy levels and as result the addressal of their problems become a daunting task. The major reasons for adivasis struggle are as follows:

  • The policy makers shall not behave in a paternalistic way. They have eual rights over the entitlement.
  • The benevolence approach acts against the tribal becoming the active agents of change.
  • The knowledge gap about the adivasis population. A study conducted by the Asiatic society across west Bengal found that there exists both in the public and academic domains.

One size fits all does not fit for all the adivasis groups their different socio-cultural pattern needs to be identified and as per the demand  of the adivasis schemes need to be formulated.

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