Non-conventional Energy Resources of Rajasthan- for RAS RTS Exams

Development of non-conventional sources of energy is of prime importance for the sustainable and inclusive growth in the state. Conventional energy resources are depleting at an accelerated rate and non-conventional resources could play a leading role in energy security in the state. Non-Conventional energy resources could minimise the transmission cost and energy divide between the … Read more

International Affair and Indian Foreign Policy.- for RAS RTS Mains exam of rpsc

India’s foreign policy is fundamentally based on the principles of peaceful co-existence, friendship and co-operation among all the countries of the world irrespective of their political systems. The foreign policy is aimed at promoting international peace and security and maintaining good and friendly relations with all the countries of the world. India, which was a … Read more

RAS/RTS Prelims Exam 2017- Test Series and Notes Program

RAS free notes team is going to provide the quality test series and complete notes for RAS/RTS Prelims Exam 2017. Test Series Starts 6th of September 2016 15 Days Return Guarantee if you are not Satisfied with the test series .  Click Here to Register for the Test Series for Just Rs 2599 Only  Program will include … Read more

Delhi Sultanat and Mazor Dynasties for RAS/RTS Prelims

Slave Qutbuddin Died while playing Chaugan. Aram Shah (short period) Aibak Shamsuddin He defeated Yalduz of Ghazni & Qubacha of Multan. Captured the Iltutmish fort  of  Ranthambor,  Lakhnauti.  Organized  the  iqta  system  (land assignment) & currency (introduced copper tanka & silver jital). Razia Sultana Married  Malik  Altunia  (Governor  of  Bhatinda).  Turkish  Aamirs played  the dominant  … Read more

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