RAS(RTS) Exam Mains Test Series for General Studies

Test :-History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan Test :-Indian History Ancient Period Test :-Indian History Medieval Period Test :-Indian History Mordern Period Test :-History of Modern World Test :-Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance Test :-Administrative System of Rajasthan Test :-Economy of Rajasthan Test :-World Geography Test :-Geography of India Test :-Geography of Rajasthan Test … Read more

Rajasthan History for ras(rts) exam of rpsc

Rajasthan : Ancient Civilizations Rajasthan : Pre Independence Kingdoms Rajasthan : Language and Dialect Rajasthan : Famous Literature Rajasthan : Major Forts Rajasthan : Main centers for Handicraft Rajasthan : Costumes and jewellery Rajasthan : religious systems and their Seats Rajasthan : Unification of Rajasthan in seven stages Rajasthan : Famous Temples and Religious Places Rajasthan : Tribal Communities of … Read more

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