Rajasthan : Lakes of rajasthan

SALT WATER LAKES Sambhar Lake Located in jaipur, nagore and ajmer this is the largest saline water lake in entire India and a major source of salt production in India(8%). The lake stretches in length for 22.5 km and its width varies from 3 to 11 km. The lake is fed by several freshwater streams. … Read more

Features, Amendments and Significant provisions of Indian Constitution -For RAS RTS Mains and Ras RTS Prelims Examination

Amendments Amendments to the Constitution are made by the Parliament, the procedure for which is laid out in Article 368. An amendment bill must be passed by both the Houses of the Parliament by a two-thirds majority and voting. In addition to this, certain amendments which pertain to the federal nature of the Constitution must … Read more

Religious Movements, Saints& Lok devtas of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is blessed with multi-religious society and all the religions found in the country are practiced in Rajasthan in Harmony to each other. Vedic Religion has been practiced in the state since ancient times and worship of sun has been center of religious practice for several communities. Religious movements in Hinduism:- Ancient vedic religion was … Read more

Role and Functions of Reserve Bank of India for Ras /Rts Mains and ras/rts Prelims Examination

Role of RBI Pre-reform Post-reform Developmental Role: the developmental role has increased in view of the changing structure of the economy with a focus on SMEs and financial inclusion Priority Sector Lending: Introduced from 1974 with public sector banks. Extended to all commercial banks by 1992 In the revised guidelines for PSL the thrust is … Read more

Rajasthan: Economics and Finance

Rajasthan Mineral Policy  2015 Rajasthan may put about 400 small size mining leases of minerals like granite,marble and quartz under the hammer in 2015 as it looks to expand its area under mining as well as increase revenue. 9% of total mineral production in the country, is also exploring joint ventures (JV) with multi national companies (MNCs) to … Read more

Livestocks of Rajasthan and Their Conservation- for RAS RTS Mains and Ras Rts Prelims exam

In the arid and semi-arid zone of Rajasthan animal rearing is the primary occupation and source of livelihood. Census of live stock states them to be 5.77 crore in number which accounts for 11.8% of Indian Animal population. Rajasthan has largest number of goats, sheeps, camels and drought animals. Density and Distribution of livestock in … Read more

National Parks and Sanctuaries in Rajasthan – for RAS RTS Mains and Ras Rts Prelims exam

  National Parks and Sanctuaries in Rajasthan S.No Name of National Parks/ Wild Life Sanctuary District Area(Sq.km.) National Parks 1 Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur 28.73 2 Ranthambore National Park Sawai Madhopur 392.50 Sub Total 421.23 Sanctuaries 1 Bandh Baratha WL Sanctuary Bharatpur 199.50 2 Bassi WL Sanctuary Chittorgarh 138.69 3 Bhensrodgarh WL Sanctuary Chittorgarh 229.14 … Read more

Natural Vegetation of Rajasthan :-for Ras RTS Mains and Ras Rts Prelims Exam

Rajasthan is blessed with great variety of natural resources ranging from scanty vegetation in the western arid region to mixed delicious and sub-tropical evergreen forests in the east and south east of Aravali ranges. Forest cover is 32744.49 sq.km.(12475 sq.km. is reserved, 18222 sq.km.is Protected Forest 2046.75 is unclassified forest) which is about 9.57% of … Read more

The Asiatic Society of bengal

? founded in 1784, by Sir William Jones, a British lawyer and Orientalist, to encourage Oriental studies. ? it was the vehicle for his ideas about the importance of Hindu culture and learning and about the vital role of Sanskrit in the Aryan languages. ? Headquarters are in Kolkata. ? The society owns an art collection … Read more

Famous Personalities of Fredom Struggle of India

Keshab Chander Sen :- ? was an Indian Bengali Hindu philosopher and social reformer who attempted to incorporate Christian theology within the framework of Hindu thought.He was born on 19th November 1838 in Kolkata. He was a descendant of the medieval Sena kings of Bengal. ? He was so influenced by the ideas of Brahmo … Read more

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