Relief and structure of Rajasthan

Rajasthan- Relief and Structure   The main geographic feature of Rajasthan is the Aravalli Range, which runs across the state from southwest Guru Peak (Mount Abu), which is 1,722 m in height to Khetri in the northeast, for more than 850 km. This divides Rajasthan into 60% in the North West of the lines and … Read more Relief and structure of Rajasthan

Rajasthan: Minerals

Rajasthan: Minerals     Rajasthan enjoys a virtual monopoly in the production of minerals like wollastonite, lead, zinc, calcite, gypsum, rock phosphate, silver, marble, sandstone and serpentine (green marble). There are approximately 3,403 mining leases for major minerals and 11,861 minor leases and 18,249 quarry licenses in the State. Western Rajasthan has proven large deposits … Read more Rajasthan: Minerals

Vegetation of Rajasthan

  Rajasthan : Vegetation VEGETATION (TRESS AND SHRUBS) The state of Rajasthan is endowed with a wealth of a wide range of vegetaion. They can be discussed in two broad categories i.e. into two distinct groups – one comprising the arid vegetaion, falling into western part of the state while the other belonging to semi-arid … Read more Vegetation of Rajasthan

Soil of Rajasthan

Soil of Rajasthan         The Aravallis divide Rajasthan state into eastern and western Rajasthan. The soil improves in fertility from west and northwest towards east and northeast. In many parts of the state the soils are saline or alkaline. The soils of the State have been divided into the 7 groups on … Read more Soil of Rajasthan

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