Daily current affair 16 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Barcoding norms for pharmaceuticals

  • Pharmaceutical companies in India expected to comply with mandatory bar-coding of medicine, this means that a barcode will ensure that every unique strip of drug will go into a unique secondary package.
  • the barcode will enable tracking of the origin of shipment and to curve the distribution of spurious drugs
  • Small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies claim they will run out of business as there is no add on value

Zabarwan hills

  • in jammu and kashmir
  • dal lake is situated at the foothill of Zabarwan hills

Nirbhay missile

  • Nirbhay missile is a indigenously developed, low altitude missile which can  evade radar detection.
  • Is the two stage, long range subsonic Cruise missile

Nuclear security
India got International nuclear deals because of its non-proliferation  track record.

various international conventions and agencies for nuclear security are:-

  1. Hague nuclear security Summit 2014
  2. Fiscal missile cut off treaty conference on disarmament
  3. International atomic energy agency
  4. Comprehensive test Ban treaty
  5. Nuclear suppliers group

Brain trap

Brain trap is a result of archaic educational ,social and economic system that stifle most young Minds from blossoming into creative thinkers and highly productive citizens.
The main reasons for brain are:-

  • Process by which individuals creativity is harnessed is repeatedly sidelined from the childhood
  • Lack of use of educational learning in the real life problem

Way forward could be by introducing teaching and testing method that encourages  teaching innovations

Financial inclusion fund

Financial inclusion fund of rupees 2000 crore to support developmental and promotional activities like financial inclusion and Research and transfer of Technology

the main objective of the financial inclusion. will be:-

    1. developmental and promotional activities including creation of financial inclusion infrastructure across the country
    2. capacity building of stakeholders
    3. creation of awareness to address demand-side issues
    4. investment in Information and Communication Technology Solutions
    5. Research and transfer of Technology
    6. increase technological absorption capacity of financial service providers/users with a view of a secure  and greater financial inclusion


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