INTELLIGENCE (Type of Intelligence)

Intelligence(Cognitive; Emotional; Social; Cultural; Multiple) Cognitive Intelligence Cognition: Mentally processing information (images, concepts, etc.); thinking Intelligence: It is the ability to process data into more efficient systems by acquiring learned substantive mental methods which develops into cognitive ability. Cognitive intelligence is the ability to plan, reason, and use logical deduction to solve problems, but also … Read more

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence

  Howard Gardner initially formulated a list of seven intelligences. His listing was provisional. The first two have been typically valued in schools; the next three are usually associated with the arts; and the final two are what Howard Gardner called ‘personal intelligences.’ Today there are nine intelligences and the possibility of others may eventually … Read more


BEHAVIOR- PERSONALITY THEORIES What is Personality :- It is a stable set of internal characteristics and tendencies that determines the psychological behavior of people. It is particular pattern of behaviour and thinking that prevail across time and contexts and differentiates one person from other. In simple terms “Personality is an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, … Read more

Styles of learning, Models of memory, Causes of forgetting.

  Style of Learning Learning styles are the different ways people interpret, organize and represent information. For example, some people learn best by having information presented to them in audio form, such as in a classroom lecture or audio book. Others need hands-on experience or real-world contexts to fully grasp a new concept. There are … Read more

Meeting Life Challenges: Stress: Nature, type, Sources, Symptoms, Effects, Stress Management, Promotion of Positive health and well being.

  Stress: – The pattern of responses an organism makes to stimulus event that disturbs the equilibrium and exceeds a person’s ability to cope. NATURE OF STRESS Stress is not a factor that resides in the individual or the environment, instead it is embedded in an ongoing process that involves individuals transacting with their social … Read more

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