29-30.06.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Daily Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL International Day of the Tropics observed on 29 June   The United Nations observe 29 June as International Day of the Tropics.  This day celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the tropics while highlighting unique challenges and opportunities the Tropical nations face. The Tropics are a region of the Earth defined as the area between the tropic of … Read more

29-30.06.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan govt releases funds for first English medium school   Rajasthan government released the budget for the newly opened Mahatma Gandhi Rajkiya Vidhyalay, Rajasthan’s first English medium government school.   The Bikaner directorate of education had issued orders to open one English-medium school till Class VIII in every district headquarters which will operate in … Read more

28.06.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Daily Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL NASA announced a new mission to explore Saturn’s largest moon   NASAannounced a new mission to explore this fascinating world with a helicopter drone. The mission, called Dragonfly is the latest in NASA’s New frontier program. NASA has earlier launched explorations of Pluto, Jupiter, the asteroid Bennu, and now, Titan. Titan: Titan, the largest moon of … Read more

28.06.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan to export 4,000 MW clean energy    Rajasthan will start exporting 4,000 MW renewable energy (solar and wind) to other states within one year once an integrated power evacuation system is completed.   Presently, a transmission line for 765-KV Bhadla-Bikaner grid sub-station (GSS) is being set in the state, which will be linked … Read more

27.06.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Daily Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL India born Priya Serrao has won the Miss Universe Australia title for 2019   India born Priya Serraohas won theMiss Universe Australia title for 2019. Serrao edged past 26 other women from across the country in Melbourne to win the title on 27 June. She will now represent Australia in the Miss Universe Australia 2019. Australian-Ugandan Bella … Read more

27.06.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan government banned e cigarettes in the State   Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced the banned on thesale of e-cigarettes in Rajasthan. Gehlot issued the order on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day on May 31. The government had banned the online or offline sale, storage, production, distribution, and advertisement of e-cigarettesin the state. The … Read more

26.06.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Daily Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL Abu Dhabi to host first ISA’s joint security exercise ISALEX19   Abu Dhabi, UAE is hosting first International Security Alliance from 1 July 2019.   Representatives of 50 law enforcement agencies of the are taking part in the ISALEX19.   The International Security Alliance, launched in 2017 in Abu Dhabi, is an international working … Read more

26.06.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Jaisalmer gets Ready to Host International Army Scout Masters Competition 2019   International Army Scout Masters Competition as a part of International Army Games will be organised under the aegis of Konark Corps at Jaisalmer from 24 July to 17 August 2019.   The event will witness the participation of the Mechanised Infantry Scout … Read more

25.06.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Daily Current Affairs

  INTERNATIONAL NASA announces ‘Dragonfly’ mission to explore Saturn’s moon, Titan   The US space agency NASA announced that it will launch a spacecraft in 2026 to explore the richly organic world of Titan.   A rotorcraft called ‘Dragonfly’ will arrive at the Saturn’s moon in 2034, looking for prebiotic chemical processes common on both … Read more

25.06.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Jaipur to host Asian youth Women Handball Championship   Jaipur will host the 8th Asian Youth Women Handball Championship.   In this event 10 teams, including defending champions South Korea will participate.   It is the first time that the prestigious tournament would be played in the city from August 21 to 30.   … Read more

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