04.04.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL Japan names new imperial era, set to begin on May 1, as ‘Reiwa’   Reiwa’ will be the name for the new era when Prince Naruhito succeeds his father Emperor Akihito, whose abdication on April 30 will end the 31-year ‘Heisei’ era (Since 1989). While ‘Rei’ means “good” and “beautiful” as well as “order” or “command”, ‘Wa’ means “peace” or “harmony”. Japan imported … Read more

04.04.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan Costumes : Juma   By the latter part of the 17th century, Chalky Juma was Court dress which was called Kachotia Juma, Round Juma was introduced by King Akbar.   The bodice was worn on the juma and the bottom which came up to the knees.   But later, its length increased so … Read more

03.04.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL UNDPs 2019 HDR to focus on inequality   United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)is to publish the Human Development Report (HDR) 2019 with its focus on The report would be released around the last quarter of the year.  HDR 2019 will provide a comprehensive picture of the many forms of inequality that are shaping the 21st century. The report will use a … Read more

03.04.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan Costumes : Tunic (Angrakhi)   Tunic: It was called an Angrakshi till the Guptas period.   The Apbransha form of Angrakshak is called Angrakhi.   The rural people wear white tunics, it is also called bugtari in the rural language.   The tunic with Enamel creeper was very popular in Rajasthan.   There … Read more

02.04.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL China successfully launches second generation data relay satellite   China has successfully launched the first of its new-generation data relay satellites into orbit that will provide data relay, measurement and control services for its manned spacecraft.   The Tianlian II-01 satellite was launched by a Long March-3B carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch … Read more

02.04.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan defers closure of Gang Canal for repair   The Rajasthan Government has deferred the closure of the Gang Canal for carrying out repair works due to the lack of funds.   The move also ensures the supply of tonnes of fresh vegetables that were transported from Sriganganagar to Abohar and Fazilka.   Notably, … Read more

01.04.19 West Bengal (WBPSC) Current Affairs

INTERNATIONAL Singapore airport named worlds best aviation hub for the seventh time   According to the Skytrax World Airport Awards, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been crowned the world’s bestaviation hub for the seventh time in a row, while New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport featured at number 59. Singapore Changi Airport is known for its rooftop swimming pool, two 24-hour movie theaters and shopping … Read more

01.04.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Mourning or grief rituals   Baikundi – The dead person is taken on the wood Bier, which is called Baikundi. The Funeral fire is given by the eldest son or near brother, which is called Lupa.   Bakhair or Uchaal   Dandot   Aadheta – The direction of Baikundhi  is changed at the crossroads … Read more

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