DMPQ- What is pink revolution ? point out the potential and challenges of pink revolution.

Pink revolution primarily focuses on modernisation of meat and poultry industry. It has  attained India the number 1 position in the world in exports of buffalo meat in 2012, exporting  approximately 1.5 million metric tons of beef. chicken sector has witnessed a 30 percent growth rate since the year 2009, at the same  time it is placed amongst the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy at a rate of  8 percent. This increase has been largely attributable to growing domestic demand.

Growth Potentials

  • To increase present meat consumption per capita of 6 grams approx, per day to 50 grams a day in the next decade or so.
  • India accounts only 2 percent approx of global market in light of large live stock count
  • Growing rate is varying between range of between 8-15 per cent annually, and is now worth more than 700 billion dollars.


  • Drafting of standard policies for the sector w.r.t. meat production and export, standardizing the quality and safety aspects of meat and poultry, and creating  infrastructure facilities for modern slaughter houses, meat testing facilities and cold  storages for the growth of the meat and poultry processing sector.
  • Implementation of 4 areas highlighted by FAO of UN
  • Better hygienic methods required in meat and poultry processing
  • Channelizing of increased and high volume of investment s in the sector.


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