DMPQ- Big hydropower projects were once termed temple of modern India. Why the Government is not keen on creating big hydropower projects?

Environmental Consequences

One of the primary disadvantages of hydroelectric energy is its potential to destroy ecosystems. Plant and animal life in rivers and streams depends on certain environmental factors, from the speed at which the water flows, the level of water in the river bed, and the temperature of the water to the exact mix of species within the body of water.

There’s also the problem of encroaching onto other uses for the water and its surrounding area. Certain specifications must be met for a river or other water source to be used for hydropower, and the presence of certain buildings or even chemicals nearby can make it unsuitable.

Draining expense:

It’s expensive to both build and maintain a hydropower plant, which is another one of the primary disadvantages of hydroelectric energy. The one benefit is that these plants typically require fewer workers on an ongoing basis, but that also means a reduction in jobs.


Time Required to Build New Reservoirs

It can take years to build a new reservoir, which makes such projects prohibitive for economic reasons. The extended time means more money must be spent on labor. Additionally, every reservoir demands the highest quality materials to ensure its safety and security.


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