DMPQ- Indian native elements when mingled with the Persian elements led to emergence of new elements. Comment on the statement with special reference to Indo- Islamic architecture.


Indo-Islamic architecture begins with the Ghurid occupation of India at the close of the 12 century A.D. The Muslims having inherited a wealth of varied designs from Sassanian and Byzantine empires and being naturally endowed with good taste for buildings, never failed to adapt to their own requirements the indigenous architecture of almost every foreign country that they conquered.

The indo Islamic architecture inculcates the elements of Saracenic, Turkish and arab architecture.

Integration of Indian element:

  • Use of geometrical design, floral design, paintings and they were integrated with the calligraphy.
  • Use of jail, chajja and jharoka, chattri
  • Use of local stones like red sand stone.

From the very beginning the monuments build during medieval age exhibited Indian style of architecture in terms of ornamentation and various other components. This influence was outcome of assimilation of Indian element with Islamic elements.


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