DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS- Mains civil services -13 Sep 2015

Following are the notes from the hindu and indian express

Internal security
Militancy in Jammu Kashmir has been a major problem for India for a quite long time. New generation of extremist are developing in Kashmir Valley. They are not driven by the extremist views but due to Local Causes. Militancy has been under control in the Jammu valley and same project should be initiated in the Kashmir Valley.there are many Militancy  groups  working in Jammu Kashmir such as
  •  lashkar e Taiba
  • Hizbul  Muzahideen
  • Al Badar
  • Jaish-e-Mohammed
MUDRA Yojna is to provide easy financial assistance to set up small businesses that would result in job creation.
Indian rollerPala Pitta in Telugu and Neelkanth in Hindi is widely considered to be secret in the state of Telangana has been threatened due to Dussehra festival. it is a common believe that the Indian roller  is secrete  to Vishnu and hence sighting the birth during the Dasara festival is considered to be special.
AUSINDEX 15-begins with Indian Navy stealth frigate INS Shivalik, it is the biennial bilateral Maritime exercise between the two major Indian Ocean Naval power Australia and India. It was held in Visakhapatnam.
THE ARTIFICIAL LEAF -will convert the sunlight into oxygen hydrogen and water and also produces methanol which will be used in various energy purposes. the process of production of methanol in artificial leaf is carried out in three steps conducted by the two separate components of the device.
  •  the first component referred to as catalyst part of the device has a long filament made of Nickel sulphide or Platinum called nanowire ,the Nenuwires   first turn the sunlight into electrons. Filament then split the water into its component hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of the solid electrons
  • the second part of artificial leaf genetically modified version of naturally occurring Methane producing microorganism methanosarcina is introduced the Microorganism  takes up the hydrogen obtained from splitting water and combine it with carbon dioxide to make methane ,the biggest component of natural gas that is used as fuel
  • The development of artificial leaf would be a milestone in Renewable Energy technology and will help in controlling the production of greenhouse gases.
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