Daily current affair 23-24 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Assisted reproductive Technologies bill

  • It will regulate the surrogacy in the country.
  • surrogacy is an arrangement or agreement in which a pregnancy is carried for intended parents by a married woman aged 21 to 35 years, she can bear 5 children in all including her own.
  • In case of violation 3year imprisonment or fine will be imposed for first offence and for subsequent offence 5 years jail term and fine or both.
  • Indian married couple are eligible under the proposed bill and thus the option of surrogacy will be available only too married and infertile couples of Indian Origin. there is now no option for foreigners unless they are married to the person of Indian Origin.

Hand in hand

  • is a military exercise between India and China
  • Is held in Kunming Military Academy in China’s Yunnan province

Hi speed train project

  • Japan has offered to finance India’s first bullet train, estimated to cost 15 Million U S dollars at an interest rate of less then 1%
  • the track will be 505 kilometre linking Mumbai and Ahmedabad
  • China is assessing the feasibility of high speed train between Delhi and Mumbai which is a 1200 kilometre track

Damage to Cotton crops

  • Crops in large part of Northern India are affected by white-flies, which has been largely blamed on BT gene Technology
  • Private sector hybrids incorporate BT gene Technology and are free from government certification.
  • the quality attributes of seeds are labelled by the producers themselves
  • most hybrids areĀ  commercialized without any rigorous testing for whiteflies or leaf curl virus tolerance
  • Need of the hour is the origin of compulsory registration and uniform certification of all seed varieties and hybrids whether bred by government or private Enterprise

All India judicial service

  • Demand for all India judicial service is raised again after the national judiciary appointment Commission judgement by Supreme Court
  • a body like UPSC need to be established to conduct an examination for the recruitment of members to the all India judicial service.
  • these officials could start their career as additional district judges and eventually rise up to the High Court and Supreme Court Judges

Hoarding of pulses
The several negative effects of recent government intervention in controlling the rising inflation of pulses are as follows:-

  • It will discourage further investments in warehouses cold storage by private stockist inflicting deep damage to the system
  • Suspending future and forward markets which are supposed to give signals about likely future prices will restrict government to take preemptive measures

Potential solutions can be:-

  • Creating a buffer stock of 2 to 3 million tonnes from domestic production or imports and release it whenever pulses price Rises
  • Develope a neutral initiative structure for farmers
  • Diversity and enhancement of the pulse basket

Lushai Language
It’s a language of Mizoram which has acted is an integrating factor the community
Brus tribe- has ethinic conflicts with mizo tribe and are located in refugee camps.
Manipur assembly recently passed 3 bills which are as follows

  • Production of Manipur people’s bill 2015
  • The Manipur land revenue and land Reform bill 2015
  • Manipur shop and establishment bill 2015




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