Daily current affair 22 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Problems in Indian Healthcare system
Insufficient hygiene and patient isolation Protocol in Operation rooms and Intensive Care units.

poorly managed infrastructure and understaffing

overcrowding and lack of handwashing  by Hospital staff

Indian national policy for Containment of antimicrobial resistance 2011 -identified  infection prevention and control measures as a crucial step for preventing hospital acquired diseases.

Amendment to the arbitration and conciliation act 1996
now an arbitrator will have to settle a case within 18 months

Malbar exerciseIt’s a joint India US Japan Naval exercise

State election commission

  • State election commission must begin the program of election prior to 45 days of completion of terms of all the local bodies
  • Appointment of administrator is against the spirit of constitution and thurs Gujarat High Court has abolished

Rajasthan international folk festival
It will be organised in Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort on October 23

River regulation zone

  • to safeguard the river Ecology and
  • also life and property of people who may unwittingly and for lack of any statuary provision come to occupy the flood plain and then suffer its consequences

China is building Chashma 3 and 4 2×340 megawatt and Anoop 2 and 3 2×1000 megawatt nuclear reactors in Pakistan

Measures for judicial reforms

  • Vacancies in Supreme Court and high court need to be filled up.
  • Person of doubtful integrity who might have been appointed by the mistake of collegium has to be removed.
  • infrastructure in the court needs improvement.
  • Ad-hoc and additional judges should be appointed to clear pending cases.
  • For transparent functioning of collegium certain institutional changes need to be taken
  • Application for the appointment as High Court Judges should be introduced (as followed in United Kingdom)
  • there must be a full and complete disclosure of relationship and affiliation of applicants to sitting and retired judges
  • minimum eligibility criteria for consideration need to be laid down including appearances in important cases
  • Uniform retirement age for the judges of supreme court and high courts


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