Daily current affair 7 October 2015

Sahitya Akademi Award winners returning their awards

Against the recent killings of rationalist and writers mm Kalburgi ,Narendra Dabholkar and Govind pansare Sahitya Akademi winners have returned their awards. They have termed such attacks not only to be against the constitution of India which provide right to life under article 21 but even against the creativity of the writers. such proceedings will resist the creative writers to be angaist the government policies.

Eastern hoolock Gibbon:-is found in Arunachal Pradesh lower dibang Valley
INS Astradharini-Torpedo launch and recovery vessel which is completely designed and built indigenously

Supreme Court of India cases related to election

Union of India vs Associates for democratic reforms( to furnish information about their criminal records)
Kishan Shankar vs Arun datya Sawant (setting aside the election of a candidate that failed to disclose material information)
Prisoners voting right restricted in 2013 but this seems to be against following principles:-

  • It makes no difference based or sentence based classification that is prisoners are divided from voting ie the gravity of the offence that they have committed for the length of their sentence
  • The Indian state makes no distinction between the convicted prisoners, under-trials and those in law full police custody

Renewable energy
India has set a target of renewable energy capacity of 175 gigawatt by 2022 and has promised to achieve 63 gigawatt of nuclear energy if supply of fuel is insured

Nobel Prize in physics for decoding elusive neutrino

  • Arthur B MacDonald of Canada proved neutrino travelling through space from the sun were not disappearing but merely changing disguise and
  • takaaki Kajita of Tokyo presented  that neutrino traveling through the atmosphere changes identities

Lymphatic filariasis or elephantiasis is a tropical disease caused by transmission of parasite classified as nematodes. its transfer to humans by mosquitoes
River blindness it is transmitted by Blackflies and caused by parasitic worm
Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasite and spread by bites of infected anopheles mosquitoes

Effects of Trans Pacific partnership on India

  • the TPP  will likely affect India’s export to the 12 Pacific countries, if India is unable to participate in the Global supply chain due to TPP rules on standard ,labour and environment policies.Also those of standardization of intellectual property.
  • Regions close the tpp countries and rules on exploration may make it more difficult for India to attract foreign investment.
  • It has altered India’s bargaining power and negotiating position

Anil Bajaj committee recommendation on corporate social responsibility CSR

  • CSR should not be interpreted as a source of finance in the gap in inclusive growth .
  • use of Corporate Innovation and management skill in the delivery of public good is one of the core CSR implementation
  • Government should have no role to play in engage in external experts for monitoring the quality and efficiency of CSR spending ,the board and management are sufficiently empowered to engage any external form if they want.
  • there should be uniformity in tax treatment for CSR expenditure across all eligible activities
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