Daily current affair 9 October 2015

Gender equality 

women will soon be inducted into the fighting arm of Indian Airforce, although Indian women serves in the Air Force, navy and army as support and technical stuff
World Bank president is Jim Yong Kim 
International Monetary Fund Managing Director is Christiane lagarde

Transfer pricing 

Transfer pricing is referred to as the setting of price for goods and services sold between related legal entities within an enterprise, this is to ensure fare pricing of the Asset transferred for example:- if a subsidiary company sell goods to a parent company the cost of those goods is the transfer price.
Income Tax Department set a tax demand for the sale of Vodafone India Services Private Limited (a call centre business of Vodafone) to Hutch and demanded capital gain tax for this transaction.

Svelana Alexievich a Belorussian journalist writer won 2015 Prize in Literature
She wrote emotional accounts based on witnesses of Chernobyl disaster and World War 2
Aurora Borealis  are the northern lights occur over England and are the result of Collision between gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere with charged particle released from the Sun


There are primarily four forms of puppetry rod puppet, string puppet ,gloves puppetry and tribal puppetry called Chadar badar.

  • Rod Puppets are heavier each each waiting about 20 to 25 gm and the performance  revolves around historical and Hindu mythological tales.
  • string Puppets are most common in the district like Nadiya where the name is the performance in walls artist manipulating different Puppets with the string attached to them 
  • Santhal puppetry of Chader bardar is also quite interesting where wooden Puppets are hanging inside a box with 3 or 4 sites open ,performance in walls stories  from Santhal culture
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