Delhi Sultanat and Mazor Dynasties for RAS/RTS Prelims

Slave Qutbuddin Died while playing Chaugan. Aram Shah (short period)
Shamsuddin He defeated Yalduz of Ghazni & Qubacha of Multan. Captured the
Iltutmish fort  of  Ranthambor,  Lakhnauti.  Organized  the  iqta  system  (land
assignment) & currency (introduced copper tanka & silver jital).
Razia Sultana Married  Malik  Altunia  (Governor  of  Bhatinda).  Turkish  Aamirs
played  the dominant  role  &  after Razia,  they enthroned  Bahram
Shah, Masud Shah & Nasiruddin Mahmud in that order.
Balban (Ulugh Balban  was  Turkish  slave  of  Iltutmish.  He  poisoned  his  master
Khan) Nasiruddin Mahmud. Killed the rebel governor of Bengal, Tughril
Khan.  He  revived  the  practice  of  sijda  (prostration)  &  paibos
(kissing monarch’s feet).
Kaikhusrau, Kaiquabad & Kaimurs had short duration.
Khalji Jalaluddin Khalji Descended at the age of seventy. Later Alauddin murdered his uncle
& father in law Jalaluddin & seized the throne.
Alauddin Khalji Lay  seige  to  Ranthambor  which  was  under  redoubtable  Hammir
Deva  which  continued  till  one  year.  Later  Chittor  under  Ratan
Singh (wife Padmini) fell & was renamed Kizhrabad. Malik Kafur
campaigned against Kaktiyas (Warangal), Hoysalas
(Dwarasamudra) & Pandyas. Mubarak Shah (son) & Khusrau khan
had short rule.
Kharaj  (land  tax  –  50%),  Charai,  Gharii  (dwelling  tax).  First  to
introduce permanent standing army, dagh &   chehra. Afghans &
Sultan’s Indian officers rose to prominence.
Tughlaq Ghiyasuddin Earlier called Ghazi Malik. Ghiasuddin had repelled mongol attack
Tughlaq under khaljis before ascending throne. Attaked Kaktiyas & Bengal
succesfully. Founded third city of Delhi – Tughlaqabad.
Muhammad bin Open consorting with Hindus & Jogis. Killed Ulemas, qazis who
Tughlaq rose in rebellion. Shifted capital to Devagiri (renamed Daulatabad),
token currency (bronze coin-jittal). Shifted to Swargadwari during
famine. At his death Barani commented, ‘at last the people got rid
of him & he got rid of the people’. First sultan to visit the shrine of
Moinuddin Chisti. Disciple of Shaikh Alauddin & Jinaprabha Suri.
Firuz Shah Not a military leader. Conqured Thatta, Orissa (uprooted Jagannath
Tughlaq idol),  Nagarkot.  Distributed  iqtas, made  them heritable increased
salaries.   Founded   Fatehabad,   Hissar,   Firuzpur,   Jaunpur   &
Firuzabad. Built canals. Influence of Ulema revived. First muslim
ruler to impose Jaziya on Brahmins but abolished Ghari & Charai.
Visited  the  shrine  of  Salar  Masud  Ghazi  &  became  fanatical.
Removed   paintings   from   palace.   Got   many   sanskirt   works
translated in Persian
Timur Timur 1398 AD During the reign of Mahmud Tughlaq who fled the city. He
Invastion assigned Delhi to Khizr Khan & hence Sayyid dynasty was born.
Sayyids Khizr Khan Khizr Khan’s reign as well as that of his successors, Mubarak Shah,
Muhammad Shah & Alauddin Alam Shah was spent trying to
control the rebellious leaders (esp. Khokhars led by Jasrath).
Lodis Bahlul Lodi First dynasty to be headed by Afghans. Principal event of Bahlul
Lodi’s life was the annexation of Juanpur kingdom.
Sikander Lodi Contemporary of Mahmud Begarha of Gujarat & Rana Sanga of
Mewar. The rent rolls of his reign formed the basis during Sher
Shah Suri period. Imposed the Jaziya. The Bahluli coin remained in
circulation till Akbar’s rule. He was the only sultan to be killed in
the battle field.
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